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Dressage Spurs USEF Qualified

dressage spurs korsteelDressage spurs are preferred by some riders when riding tests. The USEF has specific requirements for dressage spurs worn during dressage competition and in the warm up ring.

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USEF has specific requirements for dressage show spurs:

Spurs must be made of metal. The shank must be either curved or straight pointing directly back from the center of the spur when on the rider’s boot. If the shank is curved, the spurs must be worn only with the shank directed downwards. However, swan necked spurs are allowed. The inside arm of the spur must be smooth and one or both arms may have rubber covers. If rowels are used, they must be blunt/smooth and free to rotate. Only blunt/smooth rowels are permitted in USEF High Performance Championships, USEF High Performance qualifying and selection trials, and observation classes. Metal spurs with round hard plastic knobs on the shank are allowed ("Impulse" spur). "Dummy" spurs with no shank are also allowed. Only blunt metal spurs, i.e. with no rowels, no longer than 1.5 cm are permitted for FEI Pony Rider tests. This restriction also applies to warm-up and training areas, as well as during competition. Offset spurs without rowels are permitted for riders having an appropriate Dispensation Certificate." (USEF Dressage Rulebook.)

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