Arizona dressageArizona Dressage and Horse Eventing

Arizona Dressage

Arizona Dressage and
Horse Eventing

Arizona dressage shows and horse eventing trials are typically non summer events to avoid the torid Arisona summer temperatures.

Featured shows include the Arizona Dressage Association Schooling Show held in September at Westworld in Scottdale Arizona.

The Tuscon Dressage Club sponsors the Fall Festival I & II each November. Western dressage is a growing discipline in Arizona.

A listing of Arizona dressage and horse eventing organizations appears below.

Mar 10, 2015
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Arizona Dressage Association
The Arizona Dressage Association, a USDF Region 5 Group Member Organizatoin (GMO), is a not-for-profit educational organization whose goal is to promote the advancement of Classical Dressage through educational opportunities and programs and the rigorous evaluations received at USEF/USDF recognized and schooling dressage shows. While originally formed in 1963, the organization's focus on Dressage began in 1975. Since that time, the group has grown to about 400 Dressage enthusiasts who pursue their love of horses and Dressage through our many educational programs and shows. More info...

Cochise Dressage & Eventing Association
Group member of USDF
The Cochise Dressage and Eventing Association is active in Sierra Vista, Arizona and is associated with the United States Dressage Federation, Inc. The Cochise Dressage and Eventing Association provides it's members with dressage and eventing information, access to riding and training facilities & educational guidance. The members enjoy the opportunity to share their experiences, and dressage & eventing information.
More info...

May 19, 2015
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Dressage Desparados
A fun dressage club in central Arizona
We are a group of Dressage Fanatics in the Prescott-Area that have a ton of fun together... Dressage Desperados know how to work hard and play even harder! More info...

Tucson Dressage Club
The Tucson Dressage Club is a non-profit educational organization with the mission of promoting dressage in southeastern Arizona. We accomplish this through educational seminars and clinics for our members, the equestrian community, and the general public. We also sponsor a series of schooling shows and five USA Equestrian (USEF) / United States Dressage Federation (USDF) recognized shows each year. More info...

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