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Apr 17, 2018
Horse Riding in the Sun
Protect you and your horse from the sun and heat
Most horse riders have to endure whatever the weather brings, cold and wet or hot and humid, horse and pony lovers are out there. When it is set to be hot you need to give some thought about how to protect yourself (and your horse) from the sun.

If you are wearing correct riding clothes your skin will be mostly covered and safe from sunburn. The long sleeves which will protect your skin from grazing should you fall will also protect you from the sun`s rays. Your helmet will also protect your head.
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Feb 5, 2018
Bluffers’ guide to dressage at WEG
Tryon 2018
On 14 September the best 30 individual combinations from the grand prix will contest the grand prix special, which is another set test. If there is a tie for 30th placed, all those combinations qualify.

If all four riders from one team qualify for the special, they are all permitted to take part. This test decides the first set of individual medals.

Finally, on 16 September, the best 15 riders from the special — including any tied for 15th place — contest the freestyle, or kür. A maximum of three riders from any one nation are permitted in the kür. The results of this test decide the second and final set of individual medals in the WEG dressage competition.

Riders start with a clean sheet in both the special and the freestyle. Results from previous rounds of the competition are not brought forwards. More info...

Oct 14, 2017
40 Horse Grooming Tips
Preparing for Horse Shows
The popular saying, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression,” is very true when it comes to showing your horse. Whether you are showing in halter or under saddle, your entrance into the arena is the moment that the judge gives you his undivided attention to make his initial assessment. When you come into the ring, the first thing the judge will notice is your horse’s overall appearance and presentation. This is your best chance to wow the judge. More info...

Aug 31, 2017
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Stacy Lesca
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Aug 19, 2017
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